In March 2006, citizens from across Toronto got together for the first annual Toronto Lichen Count. Lichen populations near TTC subway stations at over 70 locations throughout the city were counted and recorded.

The TLC program will bring people together from across Toronto, everyone from students to seniors, to get outside, learn about our city, and help make Toronto a better place.

What are lichens? Lichens (pronounced: 'like-ens') are small, moss-like organisms that grow on trees and rocks in nearly every region in the world - even the Arctic!

Why count lichens? Lichens have a unique biology that makes them very sensitive to air pollution. By understanding the kinds of lichens that grow in Toronto and how they change over time, we can tell if air quality in different parts of the city is getting better or getting worse, and how air quality is affecting our communities.

Who can participate? Anyone! We're especially looking for school classes and community groups to join in, but anyone with a group of four or more can 'adopt' a site, send at least one of their members to a training session, and participate in the TLC program.

For more specific details about each lichen count click on the particular year you are interested in.